Apple Meringue from 1896

Candied Orange Peel from the 17th century

Chocolate Cream from the 17th century

Cocoa-nut Cakes from 1861

Custard Pudding from 1909

Emeles from the late 13th century

Funeral Biscuits and Funeral Cake from 1861

Gingerbread c. 1430

Lemon Blancmange from 1861

Lemon Jelly from 1748

Lemon Pie from 1891

Marchpane from 1660

Marlborough Pie from 1881

Metternich Cake from the 1890s

Passionfruit Flummery from 1933

Paste of Genua from 1617

Peach Snowballs from 1895

Pear Cakes for Lent from 1682

Pommes tapées in Mulled Wine

A Quaking Pudding from 1774

 A Sugar-paste subtletie

Transparent Marmalade  from 1769

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