About The Blog

Ever wondered what people in the past ate? How they really lived? With a well-thumbed copy of The Art of Dining under one arm, I’m setting off to find out. Hopefully we’ll discover that historical food was more appetising and less monotonous than people normally think. So anyone for pease pudding?


About Me

Hi, my name is Kim. I’m a historical archaeologist, medieval reenactor and collector of jelly moulds. My interest in foodways and social history began as a teenager, but its only since joining the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in 2012 that I have actively begun researching and making historical food.



  1. Found your blog when I was looking for Quince Cheese to tell my sister about. I had made this in the past but had not written about it on my blog. My blog is just for fun, recording the different preserves I make. I have a second blog with other things such as gardening, knitting etc….and sometimes write about the preserves. Very pleased to read your historical angle. Many thanks for shares.

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